Small Group Coaching

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What is Small Group Coaching?

Coach Ren and two clients in a Small Group session on Zoom.
“It helps us get moving. It makes me feel strong… I’m not very good at self-motivating, so having a time that’s like, ‘We’re doing this right now, it happens every week, it’s part of the schedule,’ it’s helpful… we spent years of college trying to work out together and it never worked, just because we have interests and preferences, but you make everything so fun…and you’re able to blend what we both wanna work on in a way that doesn’t make the other person absolutely miserable…”
– Nick & Hannah

Small Group Coaching is a great way to train and connect with friends and family! These sessions are designed by one of our expert coaches and guided by your group’s goals and dynamics.

This type of coaching is for 2-4 people who know each other and have a common focus – for even more individualized attention, consider our 1:1 Coaching, and for larger groups, explore our Team Training options! If you’re not sure which kind of training is most appropriate for you and your goals, email us to start a conversation!

Movement topics you can cover include:

  • Joint mobility/stability exercises
  • Bridging the gap from rehab to activity
  • Strength & endurance work
  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic lifting
  • Sport-specific movements
  • Balance/coordination
  • Learning/refining good movement patterns
  • Core strength & integration into movement (Pilates)
  • Yoga

We have a Whole Athlete approach to working with our community – health, wellness and performance has many more components than just exercise! Small Group Coaching with Strive & Uplift can have other areas of focus to address your needs as a Whole Athlete:

  • Health/mindset coaching
  • Customized programming
  • Intuitive eating guidance
  • Running technique work
  • Self-care/recovery plans

Why Strive & Uplift?

We take a team approach to personal training at Strive & Uplift. Each one of our coaches offers their own unique skill set, and we want to make sure you get the absolute best coaching for your needs! There are so many aspects to health and wellness, and our coaches have a huge variety of expertise in these different areas. We often ask each other’s advice, and if clients are interested in working with multiple experts, we love to collaborate in designing programming and coaching!

We know the value of human interaction, but want to make sure we’re caring for everyone’s physical and emotional safety! We offer virtual and in-person sessions both outside and in training facilities. Due to the pandemic, in-person sessions are subject to change and specific health measures in response to state and local health guidelines, as well as coach and participant comfort.

The seven coaches, wearing masks, flex their muscles under a mural that reads "Strive & Uplift".
“Strive & Uplift was a health-saver for much of our family during the Covid pandemic. During a year when my two high-school teenagers should have been enjoying full seasons as a senior captain and first-year varsity player, ultimate was reduced to occasionally throwing in the park. With 2-person training sessions led by Allison and customized for ultimate players, we were not only motivated to stay active each week, but also had the flexibility to train outdoors together as a family or with one of my kids inviting a masked friend. Usually I worked out with my daughter, but some weeks my two kids would train together, and in others when only one of them was available they would include a podded friend. We really appreciated this flexibility as it gave us social and familial options to keep our mental health stronger along with our core.” -Scott V.

Flexible Pricing Structure

The ability to connect with a small group under expert guidance shouldn’t be reserved for only those who can pay top dollar!

We use our flexible pricing model to allow people to pay a range of prices – if your situation allows you to pay more, you can do so knowing that your support will go towards subsidizing others who have less means. Together, we can keep our services and expertise accessible!

How it Works

  • People with more access to money, family wealth, and overall financial stability pay more for the same services than those who are less financially secure. That way, everyone pays closer to a similar percentage of their expendable income for our services. While the world still runs on money, this is the best way to ensure our coaches can continue providing awesome instruction and support to everyone!
  • As you decide whether you should pay more, less, or the same amount as our starting rates, you’ll consider the following:
    • Your household income
    • Your access to family assets & wealth, or assistance you provide to your family
    • Your debt to income ratio
    • The relative costs of meeting your basic needs (e.g. do you need to spend more than others on healthcare?)

Rates for small group coaching vary according to how many people are in the group, and there are different options for how to pay (each person pays vs. one person pays for the group).

2 people3 people4 people
Session Rate Range
Per Person
($60 average)
($50 average)
($40 average)

Value of Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching sessions deliver individualized support in a fun group setting! You and your coach(es) invest in each other in a relationship built to serve your needs. Our coaches offer their expertise, collaborate as a team to solve problems, and constantly develop our practice as movement professionals. It’s an intimate and highly rewarding way to develop new skills, get support and accountability, strive for your goals as a group, and know that you’re working with an expert who’s focused on just a handful of people with a common intention!

Interest Form

Ready to explore this coaching option? Please fill out the Small Group Coaching interest form so we can connect! One person from your group should fill it out (with input from the rest) and will be the initial contact person for our crew to reach out! After we digest the information you give us, we’ll connect you with the coach that we think will best suit your needs – they’ll reach out to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with your group!