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Upcoming Special Events

Summer Camps

July 22-25 9a-3p | $250/week or $60/day

Awesome summer learning opportunities at Strive & Uplift!!

  • Skills and drills for field sports and martial arts!
  • Sessions led by experienced coaches from S & U and Renzo Gracie Seattle
  • Half-day agility and movement patterns for sport, half-day grappling and self-defense
  • Make new friends!

This camp is a great opportunity to explore several different kinds of movement. Every day of camp will also include free play time and a movie/games over lunch!

Sign up for one or both week-long sessions, or drop in for one day!

Summer Burn Challenge

June 1 – August 31 | FREE

The Summer Burn Challenge is a fun way to encourage all of us to stay mindful of our health and wellness during these busy months – to help with motivation, we’re including a friendly competition to win sweet prizes!

How it works:

  • Add your name to the board in the gym
  • Earn stickers for the board through workouts in the gym, 30-day Core Challenge workouts, bringing a friend to the gym, and donations to Mary’s Place!
  • Every 10 stickers will get you a raffle ticket
  • At the end of the Summer Burn Challenge, we will draw raffle tickets for several winners!

Puppy Yoga

Yes, we do puppy yoga! These events are fundraisers for Bravepup, a Seattle-based nonprofit founded in 2015. Their mission is to save lives and improve health and well-being through positive human-animal interaction. These are not adoption events. If you are interested in adopting or foster a puppy, please check out the Bravepup Website.

These events happen whenever a new litter of puppies comes into town. Interested in hearing when the next Puppy Yoga event will be? Sign up for our mailing list – you’ll be the first to know!

Weekly Open Hours

Daily Schedule

Check out the schedule below for our daily offerings. Click “Enroll” to sign up. Your first time is FREE, so come work out with us!

Closures & Adjusted Hours

Always check our schedule for any additional closures or adjusted hours that may occur.

  • Thursday, Nov 28th (Thanksgiving)
    • OPEN 6-11am
    • Closed 3-10pm
  • Friday, Nov 29th (Day After Thanksgiving)
    • OPEN (adjusted hours) 10am-2pm
  • Saturday, Nov 30th
    • CLOSED
  • Tuesday, Dec 24th (Christmas Eve)
    • CLOSED all day
  • Wednesday, Dec 25th (Christmas)
    • CLOSED all day
  • Thursday, Dec 26th (Day after Christmas)
    • OPEN (adjusted hours) 10am-2pm
  • Saturday, Dec 28th
    • CLOSED
  • Tuesday, Dec 31st (New Year’s Eve)
    • OPEN 6-11am
    • CLOSED 3-10pm
  • Wednesday, Jan 1st (New Year’s Day)
    • CLOSED 6-11am
    • OPEN 3-10pm