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In the event of snow, we may be closed for some of our regular hours. We will try to update schedule information the night before. Please check the schedule below for the most up-to-date information!

Upcoming Special Events & Courses

KB Sport Hands-On Workshop

February 21, Friday 6-7:30pm
$20 / FREE for members

Learn your way around sport kettlebells and get ideas for training for Sports Fest! Instructed by Coach Liz.

KB Sport Course

March 3 – April 7, Tuesdays 6-7pm

Sport focuses on optimizing efficiency in order to output power for an extended period of time without rest. Think an endurance run vs. a sprint; fluid movement vs. maximum tension. It is a true power endurance sport, testing both physical capacity and mental tenacity at the same time.

  • This course is great for those who are currently training for a competition (like Sports Fest!), as well as those looking to just lift and work on building skills and techniques.
  • In order to participate in this course, participants must have completed one of the following:
    • Kettlebell Sport Workshop
    • Have previous experience with Kettlebell Sport / or have competed
    • Or familiarity with Jerk or Snatch using hardstyle technique

Seattle Sports Fest

May 3, Saturday 10:30am-4pm

We’re thrilled to announce the Seattle SportsFest, a joint powerlifting and KB Sport meet open to any and all lifters!! 

We will be hosting this event as a fundraiser for Women’s Strength Coalition and Pioneer Human Services! The day will include games and information booths for different sports and services, as well as full unsanctioned powerlifting and KB Sport meets intended for everyone. There will not be any weigh-ins (folx will pre-register their intended lifts/events to be arranged in flights), and all genders and experience levels are encouraged to participate! 

Puppy Yoga & Pilates

Yes, we do puppy yoga and puppy pilates! These events are fundraisers for local dog rescues. These are not adoption events.

These events happen whenever a new litter of puppies comes into town with one of our partner rescues. Interested in hearing when the next Puppy Yoga or Pilates event will be? Sign up for our mailing list – you’ll be the first to know!

Weekly Open Hours

Daily Schedule

Check out the schedule below for our daily offerings. Click “Enroll” to sign up from your desktop. From a mobile device, use the Pike13 client app to register. Your first time is FREE, so come work out with us!

Closures & Adjusted Hours

Always check our schedule for any additional closures or adjusted hours that may occur.

  • Saturday, July 4th (Independence Day)
    • CLOSED
  • Thursday, Nov 26th (Thanksgiving)
    • OPEN 6-11am,
    • Closed 3-9pm
  • Friday, Nov 27th (Day After Thanksgiving)
    • OPEN (adjusted hours) 10am-2pm
  • Thursday, Dec 24th (Christmas Eve)
    • OPEN 6-11am
    • CLOSED 3-9pm
  • Friday, Dec 25th (Christmas)
    • CLOSED all day
  • Saturday, Dec 26th (Day after Christmas)
    • CLOSED
  • Thursday, Dec 31st (New Year’s Eve)
    • OPEN 6-11am
    • CLOSED 3-9pm
  • Friday, Jan 1st (New Year’s Day)
    • CLOSED 6-11am
    • OPEN 3-9pm