Outdoor Classes

Ready to get outside and move? These classes are great for all movers, with some fun options for different equipment and using the environment! Mask-wearing is optional if you’re fully vaccinated – let’s keep each other safe this summer!

Four class members use adult exercise equipment in a park

How to Sign Up

Please sign up more than 24 hours in advance – cancellations will not be refunded!

We’re asking members to pay a little extra for these classes in order to encourage accountability and compensate coaches for the extra travel time/cost and bandwidth needed for holding classes outdoors.

$5 or $10/class for members (and flexible pricing with $20 being the median for non-members) Minimum of 4 people needed to run the class, and a maximum of 8 Please sign up more than 24 hours in advance – at the 24-hour mark, the coach will check enrollments, if there are not 4 or more people signed then the coach will cancel the class. Purchase is required at the time of sign-up. Cancellations will not be refunded unless the coach cancels the class due to low enrollment.

Scroll down to see the schedule and sign up!

What to Bring & Class Descriptions

Please bring (if you have them) – The instructor may message the group with further instructions the day before the class:

  • water
  • towel or yoga mat
  • bands
Three class members perform kettlebell swings on a sunny day in the park

Different class examples include:

  • Kettlebells with Liz: You only need one kettlebell for this class, bring whatever size you want and we will have some fun!
  • Swing Class with Ren: Bring a bell and practice your swings for Swing-a-Thon and get form feedback!
  • Conditioning with Ren: No equipment needed – we’re gonna get sweaty, all levels welcome!
  • Bodyweight Flow with Dominique: No need for equipment, just a little bit of space to move your body. This class will focus on bodyweight movement and creative ways to link them together in order to work on control, balance and mind/body connection.
  • Outdoor Open Gym with Ren: Come do your workout in the park! Baker Park has some great adult fitness equipment (pullup bars, step-ups, Swedish ladder etc) and your coach will bring some equipment to share! Bring things you know you need for your workout, and get some movement in with your community! We encourage you to sign up ahead of time as a commitment to doing your own workout and also so we get to be excited to see you! Your coach will wait and if no one shows up 10-15 minutes into the time, then they will leave. There is no additional class fee for this offering.


Go to the right park!
Make sure to check your class enrollment so you know which park you are headed to! The name of the park is included in the name of the class.

Baker Park: 8347 14th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98117
This park is pretty small – we’ll gather in the grass area by the playground! There’s also some cool adult fitness equipment we can play around on.

Salmon Bay Park2001 NW Canoe Pl., Seattle, WA 98117
The playground area is pretty busy, so you can park on one of the other side streets – we’ll meet at one of the grassy areas close to the bathrooms (which are on a hill)

Upcoming Schedule

Scroll through to find the classes we have scheduled! We announce them each week in the Member Bulletin and schedule 1-2 weeks in advance.

Classes could be cancelled if we do not get 4 or more people signed up 24 hours in advance of the class. Please check your email for notifications or the class schedule to make sure the class is still happening before you head to the park!