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This page is updated with member-exclusive content as we build out even more clinics, workouts, and skill-building resources through the closure of the physical gym. Use the password provided in the latest Member Bulletin to access these pages!

Bring a Friend!

Want to bring a friend to class with you? Their first time is free! In order to attend a class, your friend will need to set up an account and sign a waiver. There are no sign-up or new client registration fees. Getting started only takes 3 steps:

  • Select a class: Go to our online schedule
  • Send your friend a link: Right-click on the “Enroll” button next to the specific class you want to share, “copy link address”, and send them the link.
  • Your friend enrolls in the class: The link you send your friend will take them to that specific class. They’ll scroll down, select the “Enroll” button to set up an account (if they need to) and get signed up for the class!

Class Videos

This month’s training focus in classes is power, so if you want to match up with what we’re doing in classes live, pick from that section of videos! If you’re looking for a quick workout, scroll down to the 30-minute classes.


30-Minute Classes



Special Classes

These are special classes we put together for the Labor Day Weekend! Enjoy!


Workout Plans