Kettlebell Sport

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Different than traditional hardstyle lifting, Sport focuses on optimizing efficiency in order to output power for an extended period of time without rest. Think an endurance run vs. a sprint; fluid movement vs. maximum tension. It is a true power endurance sport, testing both physical capacity and mental tenacity at the same time.

Our KB Sport program is taught by Coach Liz, a Level 1 Kettlebell Sport Coach, NASM CPT and FRCms. Competing in Sport since 2015, she loves sharing her passion for Kettlebell Sport with others and bringing to light the mental strength and sportspersonship that comes with lifting.

Clinic Series

Are you currently training for something else and don’t have the time to commit to a new sport just yet? What to see for yourself how a kettlebell can compliment your training toolbox? Curious about what the difference between hardstyle and Sport is? Then come check out this 3-part clinic series! Clinics take place every four months.

  • Hinge, Swing, Clean & Rack – Break down hinge basics, add momentum to hinge mechanics and how to hold a competition kettlebell properly. Learn how to Swing, Clean and Rack.
  • Overhead Stability & Push Press – Build awareness for overhead lifting and how to open up the scapula and hips for better lifting and breathing. Learn how to Push Press, Waiter Carry and Jerk.
  • Overhead Lifting & Power – Build foundations for posture, core engagement and creating power with hip drive. Learn how to swing with control and convert it into Snatch.

Courses (Level 1 & 2)

This course is meant to help get comfortable around a competition kettlebell and spend time honing in technique to set you up for success as a kettlebell sport lifter. During the 8 weeks, build a foundation of strength and endurance to be able to complete Sport specific lifts.

Level 1 will learn 1-bell lifts and work to complete a modified Pentathlon at the end of the 8 weeks. The Pentathlon will consist of completing 3 minutes of each of the following lifts: Clean, Long Cycle, Jerk, Half Snatch and Snatch.

Level 2 (those who have completed the Level 1 course) will learn 2-bell lifts work to complete a modified Competition set, which will consist of completing 3 minutes of: Jerk, Snatch and Long Cycle.

Along with the program, learn best practices for mobility under control and metabolic conditioning to help maximize your full performance potential. Students will also receive homework programming to do on their own time during open gym hours an additional day of the week.

Liz’s kettlebell sport class is just what I needed! It is a fun way to shake up a regular HIIT/cardio routine. It’s a great workout. Liz is a master trainer/coach that skillfully makes classes fun and challenging. Her enthusiasm for kettlebell sport really rubs off on you.

Rhea P.

Competition Team

If you are ready to take your skills to the platform, join the competition team. The NTBFit Kettlebell Team competes in 3 to 4 competitions in the calendar year in the PNW area. As part of the team, you will train together and lift each other up to the highest standards while working on individualized program given by your coach. The team trains in 8 to 10 week cycles.

I’ve had a blast learning Kettlebell Sport with Coach Liz.  Her course progressed at a pace that safely built my confidence with the lifts, while keeping practice challenging and fun.  I love that the sport is accessible for different ages and fitness levels. I never thought I’d find myself training for a weightlifting competition, but it’s a really fun way to get stronger.  Liz does an excellent job structuring practices, giving each of us individual attention and designing our training to reflect different abilities and goals. It’s fun to dissect the intricacies of the movements, troubleshoot technique, and cheer one another on as we see improvements in both ourselves and our teammates.  The experience has improved my self image and even my approach to other aspects of life. Whether you choose to compete or simply want to diversify your fitness routine, I highly recommend giving the sport a try.

Emma G.

Mock Meets

Mock Meets are a great way to end the 8-week course to give the participants a chance to experience what a competition meet feels like. Mock Meets also bring the course participants and competition team lifters together to compete in a fun and supportive environment and those curious in competing can ask questions.