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Welcome to our Community!

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We believe in making it safe to strive, and as natural as breathing to uplift.

This gym is not only a place to workout, but it is also a community. I feel so welcomed when I walk in the door because the owner and trainers know me and take time to say hi!

Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported as an athlete and a person. Safety is one of our most basic human needs. What sets Strive & Uplift apart from other gym spaces and programming is our commitment to create and maintain a safe and supportive space for our athletes. We do this by:

  • Using inclusive and non-gendered language in our classes and programming, and providing modifications for every body & ability
  • Constantly asking for feedback and listening to concerns from our members
  • Actively engaging in dialogue with people who are working with oppressed populations to learn more about how to better embrace and amplify those voices
  • Addressing safety issues, both physical and emotional, that crop up in our work and space in a transparent and thoughtful way across multiple platforms
  • Highlighting marginalized people’s athletic and human efforts and successes in and out of the gym, whether or not they’re connected to us or our programming
  • Using, revising and updating our “Whole Athlete” protocol – education and engagement around topics of mental health, nutrition, recovery, and self-care
  • Doing the hard work on ourselves as coaches and humans, and supporting each other in that work
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We are here to support the whole athlete

All of the trainers are fantastic, very knowledgeable, and know how to tailor workouts to individuals.

None of us exist in a bubble – we bring our experiences and unique personality to every part of our lives.

At Strive & Uplift, we welcome everything that makes you the person who you are and are ready to support your health and fitness through our programs and with this space.

We believe that education is empowering, and provide consistent coach support to all our members so you know you’re doing the right thing for your body.

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We believe in striving to be physically fit

What that looks like for you is dependent on your goals! That’s why we offer a wide variety of class options, from lifting to core-focused, and the choice to work out independently, do personal training or health coaching with our coaches, or come in with your team to train together. Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, we are here for you!

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We believe in uplifting each other

When you come into our space to work out or attend an event, we hope you feel a positive connection with those around you. When a Strive & Uplift coach works with your team or community group in any environment, we hope to help you feel comfortable enough to listen to others’ experiences and support their growth as well as your own.

While working out, uplifting each other means giving someone a spot, sharing equipment and space, or giving encouraging words and high fives. 

Uplifting means speaking respectfully and being welcoming to people of all backgrounds. This also means supporting those with limited resources and lowering barriers to accessing services.

The communities people belong to are a part of what supports the health of the whole person. As such, we welcome community meetings and other events for the groups you’re engaged in!

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I have to say my favorite thing is the coaches. Each one has a unique perspective and useful knowledge to share, and are always happy to provide guidance at any time. I feel comfortable asking questions and learning from their experiences, which makes my training that much more effective and rewarding.

Each of our coaches is a part of this community because they are passionate about its mission and vision: providing high-quality movement education and sport performance guidance in a safe and supportive environment.

We bring different expertise and life experience to this initiative and relish all the opportunities we have to learn from each other, our partnering health professionals, and our clients! We have a growth mindset as a team, always striving to increase our skillsets while uplifting each other through supportive communication and caring in the process. We truly believe in living the mission and vision of this gym through our actions, and that includes amongst ourselves!

Click through to learn more about each of our coaches!


Strive and Uplift supports athletes not just at our two facilities in Seattle and Boulder, but all over the world! We’re fortunate to have members that contribute something unique and special to our Squad with their energy, passion, and vision of what health and wellness means. We learn from them every day and are excited to be building something awesome together.

Click through to hear from our Seattle members of the month – or “Swolemates” – about why they Strive & Uplift!

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We have an open and inviting floorplan with a wide variety of functional training equipment (and a rotating jigsaw puzzle in the community area)! Stop by our space to check it out, or look through the gallery of photos below to see more details.

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