Strive & Uplift courses are designed to take you through a progression of skills and exercises to help you reach your specific goals! For more information on our policies, see our terms and conditions.

Current Offerings


Wednesdays at 7pm starting May 1st, $180 / 8 weeks

Joining a gym or starting an exercise program can be intimidating; we’re here to support your journey!

This course is great for

  • BEGINNERS to lifting free weights.
  • RETURNERS to exercise after a hiatus or injury.
  • REFRESHERS wanting to build a strong foundation for working out on their own.

In this course, you will

  • Build proper body mechanics & lifting form.
  • Gain a higher level of comfort and competency in our community gym space.
  • Address injuries (prior and current) and receive modifications for your body.
  • Receive weekly emails that support your training as a whole athlete.

After this course, you will get a discount on any one of our services to support you with continuing your training!

Olympic Lifting Technique

Fridays at 6pm starting May 3rd, $120 / 4 weeks

Great for fairly experienced lifters who are interested in learning the basics of Olympic lifting, as well as those that have been doing Olympic lifts but want a refresher on form! We perform movement evaluations/benchmark testing and focus on technique of progressions of the snatch, clean and clean and jerk. You’ll finish the course being more comfortable with the movement patterns and coordination required to perform these lifts safely and effectively. You will also receive programming to perform during the week to speed your understanding and perfect your form!