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Acro Yoga     Barbell Push/Pull     Kettlebell Circuit     Lift for Life

Mat Pilates     Move & Groove     One Strong Mother     Womxn’s Lifting

The class size isn’t overwhelming for me and the people are great. I never feel guilty if I don’t finish a set cause that just gives me a goal to work towards.

Kayla A.

Acro Yoga

Partner balance is an exciting way to work with others while gaining strength, flexibility, balance, and a better sense of spatial awareness! Jenny will be there guiding this 2-hour playtime, helping warm up, giving tips and guidance with spotting and safety.

Barbell Push/Pull

Using barbells is a great way to increase your strength and body awareness, as well as have fun and push your limits incrementally! This class is a combination of learning barbell compound lifts, gaining confidence and competence, and advancing your lifts.

Kettlebell Circuit

Kettlebells are an extremely versatile tool for strength and conditioning! This class is primarily strength endurance and metabolic conditioning, with a focus on body balancing and injury reduction.

Lift for Life

Learn to build body awareness while focusing on how to move with strength and confidence in a class that uses a variety of equipment. Try new lifting techniques in a safe environment, find community in your fellow Uplifters and create a solid foundation for moving through life!

Mat Pilates

These small group classes are low impact and incorporate all the key principles of Pilates such as postural alignment, breathing, core strength and stability, controlled movement, and flexibility. Participants get hands-on attention and appropriate modifications – when the body is equipped with good core strength, movements are more efficient and the body is better protected against injury!

Move & Groove

On Sundays, we work hard! This class combines core work and unconventional free weight circuits to give you a killer workout with a great emphasis on form. Great for all fitness levels!

One Strong Mother

This class is great for moms of older kids who want to set health/strength goals and commit to working towards them together!
In this class, you will learn and groove fundamental movement patterns, gain trust in your body and try new things, and develop connections and be supported by other moms!

Womxn’s Lifting

We work hard, we pick up heavy stuff, we swing kettlebells. We work through a periodized strength/power program, and encourage each other to lift outside of class. We have fun!!

I absolutely adore the womxn’s lifting class, it’s a wonderful group of people and amazing instructor. Every class is an opportunity to try new things and perfect known ones in a way that works within each person’s unique physical capabilities and challenges. The circuits make the tough things possible and allow for sufficient time to execute good form and prevent injury. To quote our instructor it’s not really just a gym, it’s a community of people who do strong things.

Serina G.