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Coming Soon – Physical Location in Ballard!

Guess What?!?!

After a lot of looking, some very intentional vision, and a good bit of luck, we’ve found an amazing space on Market Street!

We’re so excited about this chance to create another place for our movement community! It’s going to take a good bit of work to get it ready to go, but we’re SO ready to make this happen.

Please take a look through these FAQ’s – hopefully a lot of your initial questions are answered there. If you have more, don’t worry – we do too, and we’ll figure the rest out together!

If you’d like a super short video tour of the space as-is, check this out – all your coaches got together to make sure this was a space that would work (with alterations) for our community!

Why are we so pumped to have a space?

  • First of all, we want to have a place where we can intentionally create a vibe with you, our community! It hasn’t been safe to do that because of the pandemic, and this is really the earliest that we would want to try to exist in a space again. But we feel like it’s time and oh my goodness…we’ve missed it so much.
  • We also want to be able to partner with local businesses and expand our community and our reach! The visibility and accessibility of the location is a huge boon for us, even though it’s smaller in size.
  • And we want our coaches to have a place to do their thing and drop all their knowledge with their clients, as well as collaborate and uplift each other! 

Small businesses located near our new space!

We couldn’t be more jazzed about the incredible businesses we’ll be surrounded by in our new location on Market Street! So many Intentionalist icons (155, to be exact), and we (woman-and-LGBTQ-owned) will be one of them! Can’t wait to meet more of our new neighbors!! If you have the time and inclination, bop around to some of these great places this summer and get acquainted!

Community Input Survey

It’s been a long year, but Strive & Uplift is still here!! The way we connect with our community had to shift during the pandemic, but we found new avenues to provide our services that have increased our accessibility, and we’ve been able to expand our services and grow our team.

As we find ourselves poised on a vaccine timeline more accelerated than we could have dreamed, we’re walking a tightrope of expectation, hope, and questioning.

We recognize and honor that we’re all in different places in terms of our readiness to (and bandwidth for) engaging with new opportunities – we each have our own web of people that we’re committed to helping keep safe, and this year has been incredibly taxing in that regard!

Answering questions about future plans and comfort levels might feel difficult – know that you are supported, and we’re always here for further conversations! We’re looking ahead to the future with openness and excitement mixed with caution, and we need your input to help us move forward!

In the next few months Strive & Uplift coaches are going to be working hard to explore more options for connecting with you. We’re looking into…

  • Creating outdoor gatherings and classes
  • Doing more 1:1 and Small Group/Team coaching
  • Starting to vision potential physical locations

We’re hoping to get more awesome people into our Seattle offerings and our virtual programs/memberships in order to support this awesome growth later this year. The pandemic has taken a toll on our business and our community, and we’re ready to work with you to build back better!!

Some of you have been in virtual classes with us several times a week during the whole pandemic – others we may not have seen or interacted with in awhile. You are ALL part of our community, and we value every voice and thought you wish to share with us.

This survey asks questions about shifts to your schedule in the next few months, comfort level with outdoor classes and in-person offerings, and what/where a physical S&U location might be in the future. There are no right or wrong answers, and plenty of space for you to share your thoughts, dreams and considerations!

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey – the data you provide will be invaluable as we scope out the path ahead! This survey will close at the end of the day April 25th.

Ballard Location Closing

We are letting go of our Ballard gym space! And yet our community and commitment to coaching is stronger than ever – we’re incredibly excited about our services during the pandemic, and for future possibilities!

Image of the Seattle gym showing a kettlebell class in the foreground, and independent lifters in the background. The back wall says "Strive & Uplift" in large letters, and there are intersectional pride flags on either side of the Strive & Uplift flame in electric blue, orange, and yellow on another wall.

Our building has been shuttered since March due to COVID-19, and despite our best efforts, we were unable to work with the property managers to reopen in a way that met State occupancy requirements during the pandemic. We’re sad to be leaving the space, but we’re so proud of all the ways we’ve come together as a community in the last 6 months!! We’ve created a huge offering of online classes, found ways and spaces to do socially-distant and virtual personal training, and increased our connections to teams and athletes participating in our virtual memberships. The future (though unknown) is SO bright, and we’re going to continue coming together to create what we want to see in the world.

We’re fortunate to be laying the future in front of us, brick by brick, guided by our values. Please take a look at all our community options (both virtual and in-person) – they’re all on a sliding scale to meet individual needs! We hope to see you in one of offerings soon!

Virtual Options through COVID-19 Closure

We’re working hard to take care of our community during these difficult times! Virtual programming and education has always been one of the ways we interact with our folx, and we’re excited to be expanding those kinds of opportunities for our Seattle Squad as well as those new to us who want to engage in a meaningful way! We are all stronger together. Check out what we’ve got going on!

Member Resources

All our Seattle members, whether you use punch cards, have a monthly membership, or participate in personal training, will get exclusive member communications and resources throughout the closure of the physical gym. These include:

  • Bodyweight and low-equipment workout plans
  • Weekly clinics with accompanying virtual coach Q&A sessions
  • Select virtual class videos to follow along with
  • Connection to each other through our Strive & Uplift Community Slack


We’re offering virtual classes using Zoom! Use your class punch card or monthly membership, or drop in to a class. See more about our virtual class offerings here. Your first time at our gym – including virtually – is free, so check it out if you’re new to us!

Virtual Programs & Memberships

We’ve always offered virtual programs and memberships for a wide variety of folx. These include a wealth of resources, including extensive workout programming that doesn’t use specialized equipment, mental health clinics, nutrition support, and more! See what we have to offer on the Strive & Uplift main site here.

Personal Training & Consults

We still offer (and honor) personal training packages, except now we meet virtually! Our coaches will meet with you via video chat and adapt workout programming to your needs and current access to space and resources. Email us for more information!

Sliding Scale Program

At Strive & Uplift, we are committed to making sure that all people, regardless of their means, can be a part of our community!  This means removing barriers, like cost, so everyone can easily and sustainably access our services and resources.

We’ve created a sliding scale program to offer Unlimited Memberships at rates that work for each individual. If your income or situation doesn’t mesh well with our full-price membership, please check out the sliding scale information here so that we can adjust the monthly recurring cost of a membership. Everyone deserves access to high-quality movement education and support!

Stay Connected With Us!

We post tons of great content to our Instagram through the week; give us a follow if you’re on the platform!

We also stay in touch with our members through our Strive & Uplift Community Slack – ask us how to get in if you’re a member and want to join in the conversation!

COVID-19 Facility Update

Strive & Uplift Seattle will be closed for 2 weeks to help slow the spread of COVID-19!

We’re reading the writing on the ever-evolving wall and have come to the conclusion that by staying open, we’re making it harder for people to practice social distancing and risking the health of vulnerable folx. This is a time when our awesome and vibrant gym needs to take care of the larger community, and that means helping slow the progress of this incredibly contagious virus. Thanks to our coaches and members, Strive & Uplift is a place to connect, learn, grow, and strengthen ourselves while supporting others. This moment in our human history is so destabilizing and stressful that these kinds of interactions become even more precious and valued.

And that’s what has made this decision to close so difficult. 
The bottom line is that any place where people are gathering right now is facilitating the spread of the virus. Our hope is that two weeks will be long enough for the virus to calm down a little in Seattle and for us to do a hella deep clean, and that we’ll be able to re-open in a way that doesn’t conflict with our values of creating and maintaining a safe and supportive space. Coaches will continue to be paid during this time, and will keep working during the closure to create even more online content to support our community!

We already have some amazing virtual resources available – check out our main website for all of your options!