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Lindsey Dvorak

What are you training for… I am training to help keep my body strong and healthy so that I can keep up with my hobbies and job. I enjoy training martial arts with Seattle Mixed Martial Arts Collective and have a somewhat physical job doing longshore work. I had a lower back injury before training at Strive & Uplift, and believe the holistically focused classes have helped to strengthen my core and body to prevent this injury from cropping back up.

What do you do with Strive & Uplift is… Lift for Life and Move & Groove are my most frequented classes, and I have also enjoyed each of the other classes I have tried so far. I appreciate the mobility component of the L4L class because it has never been a frequent aspect of my trainings at other places. When training on my own, I have never added these types of exercises due to my own lack of knowledge, but I am so thankful for Liz’s knowledge of it all!

What’s your favorite thing about training with Strive & Uplift is… I love the coaching at Strive & Uplift. The care each coach puts into the members, space, and all aspects of the gym is so noticeable. I have also enjoyed getting to know other members of the community. It’s awesome how everyone celebrates successes and hard work.

What’s one thing you want to share with the gym community… Thanks to everyone I’ve been able to train with in classes for the high fives and sharing fun facts about yourself during the daily questions. A fun fact about me that sometimes surprises people is that I am a longshore worker down at the ports. Grateful for those of you have encouraged me to be stronger and healthier for my job and life in general. 

Susan Goldman

What I’m training for… I wandered in one day looking for a group to workout with and found a community.  In general, I’m training to remain safely engaged in the activities I love to do and to find more strength and confidence. Gardening (tree trimming, weed whacking, weeding, planting, building garden beds), my job as a school nurse, fulfilling my dreams of hiking more challenging, remote areas, traveling and dancing Hula all motivate me in my training. Each movement in each class is an opportunity to hone my focus and my mental, physical and emotional strength.

What I do with Strive & Uplift is… So far I’ve focused on attending all the classes I can.  There have been huge benefits to attending the classes versus solely working out at home.  All the coaches do an amazing job of monitoring each person for form. The benefits from each class have been maximized by the feedback and the modifications that allow us to get the benefit of the movement while reducing risk of injury.  The personal attention to each of us creates a welcome and nurturing environment that I love to enter every day that I can. Each coach seems truly happy to see me and I feel cared for as an individual. This is a big draw for someone as shy as me. The consistency and purposeful intention of the workouts across the classes is helpful.  I feel comfortable being myself and doing what I need to do to accomplish my goals. I’ve never felt intimidated by the gym itself or the people even though I had never touched a barbell previously. 

My favorite thing about training with Strive & Uplift is… Here are a just few of my favorite things about Strive and Uplift.  The coaches: positive, knowledgable, kind, engaged! The wide range of equipment from Pilates to weight lifting to kettlebells and much more-even rings and a rope to dangle from.   The variety of classes and times. The COMMUNITY!

What’s one thing you want to share with the gym community? Never Thank you to everyone I’ve met and worked with since I showed up here about 6 weeks ago.  You have all become an important participant in the dance of my life. I see more clearly every day how I can only do my dance and we can all do our own dance and grow within communities of supportive loving people like I found here.     

Rory Coyne

What are you training for… When I began training at S&U, I was training to row a marathon. I completed that on May 4th (~3 hours 17 mins). Now I strength train for general health and fitness.

What do you do with Strive & Uplift is… I do open gym usage in combination with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

What’s your favorite thing about training with Strive & Uplift is… My favorite thing about training here is easy access to equipment and availability to work and home. 

What’s one thing you want to share with the gym community? Never set limits for yourself. Instead, focus on fulfilling short and long-term goals on your journey to better fitness or performance. 

Devin Gaan

I’m training for…My goal is big butt, no gut! But seriously, I come to get stronger and get into an overall better physical condition!

What I do with Strive & Uplift is…Just gym access though there are courses I’m interested in.

My favorite thing about training at Strive & Uplift is…Puppies, obviously. Really though, Strive & Uplift has everything one needs from a gym, but none of the toxic masculinity that is so prevalent in almost all gyms.

I’d like to share with everyone that…For those who don’t know me, I identify as a trans-woman. My experience transitioning leads me to feel pretty confident there is a high level of recognition and understanding that mental health is very important. However, it is much harder to find where we are with prioritizing physical fitness. It’s not spoken about as much. There are a lot of fear and anxiety. I think it has a great deal to do with the lack of safe and inclusive spaces for trans and gender non-binary folx to exercise. Further, the stigma of a woman lifting heavy weights is magnified for trans-women. Many often fear they’ll look too masculine, or that they’d get out’ed in the gym.

While I ran out of f***s to give to those who judge me a long time ago, that is very much coming from a position of privilege. It’s simply not the norm. That’s why it is so incredibly important for places like Strive & Uplift to exist. It’s a place where all are welcomed and serves as an example of how we should support all people and their goals. (it’s like Average Joe’s gym in Dodgeball… everyone is welcomed… unlike that horrible Globo Gym!!!)

Cathy Wickwire

I’m training for…

I thought I was just training to be a fit middle aged lady, but it turned out that I was training for the Seattle Half Marathon Run last November. I ran it with my niece, Ana (pictured with me), and finished it in 2:22:00, which was in line with my times from 10+ previous races. I felt great even though I didn’t really train other than my weekly class with Kira and a daily run of one mile. For the record, Ana finished it in 01:53:35 because she’s a badass collegiate rower for Gonzaga.

What I do with Strive & Uplift is…

I am religious about taking Kira’s Pilates Mat Class every Thursday. I didn’t know how weak my core was until I starting taking this class. Every week, I realize how much stronger I am thanks to the class.

My favorite thing about training at Strive & Uplift is…

Hands down it’s the people, the coaches and other members, and the overwhelmingly positive attitude and universal acceptance that I find here.

I’d like to share with everyone that…

This is the first gym I have ever belonged to as I never thought I was a “gym” person. This place has proved me wrong!

Lindsey Warren-Shriner

I’m training for…

I’m training to be active: I love hiking, skiing, biking, and competing in the occasional triathlon. After dealing with some ongoing hip issues, I knew I needed to build a stronger foundation but hadn’t been able to do it consistently on my own. I joined the gym last summer right after I moved to Seattle, and not only am I no longer dealing with the hip issues, I have loved being able to feel myself getting stronger.

What I do with Strive & Uplift is…

I did a few personal training sessions when I first joined to get started, and since then have been doing morning kettlebell circuit classes, the Sunday morning class, and the occasional evening class. I like that the classes are accessible for people with a range of strength and skill levels, and that the coaches work to create an inclusive and supportive environment where we push each other while prioritizing good form and technique.

My favorite thing about training at Strive & Uplift is…

I had never done any kind of formal strength training program when I joined the gym, but the coaches and the community have been unintimidating and encouraging from the beginning. I like that I’ve found a gym that I genuinely look forward to going to!

I’d like to share with everyone that…

I am originally from Vermont, and I have identical twin sisters.

Kayle Armstrong

I’m training for…

Myself! I want to be as strong as I believe I am.

What I do with Strive & Uplift is…

I am part of the morning crew that regularly attends. The class size isn’t overwhelming for me and the people are great. I never feel guilty if I don’t finish a set cause that just gives me a goal to work towards.

My favorite thing about training at Strive & Uplift is…

The coaches always strike a nice balance between encouraging us to push ourselves and rewarding us for not going overboard. Between them and the folks that come to the gym, the atmosphere is always great and I never feel out of place. Also, the pups!

I’d like to share with everyone that…

I wanna pet all the pups that want some love.

Ian Joslin

What are you training for? In general I am training to be a more well-rounded athlete, and to be as balanced as possible in my strength and ability.  I’ve always enjoyed team sports including soccer, which I still play regularly, as well as ultimate and basketball in the past. I love being outside too, so staying fit lets me enjoy things like hiking and climbing. When I started lifting about six years ago I never imagined I’d grow to enjoy it so much, but I love it even still. Weightlifting has taught me a lot about myself and my limits, and I always feel better both physically and mentally when I am regularly at the gym.

What do you do with Strive & Uplift?At first I was coming to lift on my own, aiming to get stronger all the time. I have a good base to be able to try new things and continue to improve without becoming too stagnant in my training. Since taking the Powerlifting class (twice) I have a new found direction and focus for my workouts that really excites me. I look forward to getting better at the “big three” lifts, and am considering trying to compete just for fun. 

What’s your favorite thing about training with Strive & Uplift? I obviously love the community of people and doggies here because Strive & Uplift is so welcoming to every type of athlete and ability level. All gyms should be more like this! That being said, I have to say my favorite thing is the coaches. Each one has a unique perspective and useful knowledge to share, and are always happy to provide guidance at any time. I feel comfortable asking questions and learning from their experiences, which makes my training that much more effective and rewarding.

What’s one thing you want to share with the gym community?Always feel free to ask me for a spot, form check, or to see pictures of my dog and cat. I probably enjoy talking about my animals WAY too much. Also, go vegan 😉

Fiona Cahill

I’m training for…

I’m training for a range of things like hiking and dancing but mostly to be able to run around on a field and chase a frisbee. I started class-training when I needed to rehab from a number of hip injuries a couple of years ago and it’s been a long but rewarding process since then.

What I do with Strive & Uplift is…

At Strive & Uplift I have been focusing on kettlebell and core classes, but I am looking forward to incorporating conditioning classes as well. I enjoy classes versus purely gym access because getting feedback from the coaches and trainers is key and there is a level of camaraderie and healthy competition that happens as well.

My favorite thing about training at Strive & Uplift is…

I have a number of favorites but one of my favorite things is it’s a women-owned and led gym and the community they have fostered is really supportive and fun to be a part of!

I’d like to share with everyone that…

Currently my favorite stretch is the 90/90 hip stretch and if you haven’t done it before, I highly recommend it! That and a nice cold beer are a great way to end the day 🙂

Aiza Abelon

I’m training for…

Climbing, ultimate, mountaineering, prehab, eating good food, and sleeping well.

What I do with Strive & Uplift is…

I pick things (and sometimes myself) up and put things down, sometimes I swing them around. Whatever Coach Bertle tells me to do because she knows what I want to accomplish. You’ll also see me cuddling with the RenFitness pups, particularly Coach Kira’s pup, Pickle. If I don’t say hi to you immediately when Pickle is around, there are reasons. I’m mainly there for gym access and to volunteer services for Strive and Uplift.

My favorite thing about training at Strive & Uplift is…

It’s tough to pick a favorite. I love that it’s a woman-owned business and I have the coaching I need to have a great workout towards my long term goals. It’s a different ambience at Strive and Uplift where you can get your workout done but should you also want it, hang out with awesome individuals. Additionally, having the space to host events like Brain Talents and Dangerously Talented Fridays is another service I truly appreciate. TLDR; Pickle.

I’d like to share with everyone that…

I’m going to go with 2 things:

  1. Coach Ren is a mentor of mine since 2014. She changed the way I approach strength training in a way that I’ve reduced the number of overuse injuries, something that has plagued me since my competitive badminton days. I am much stronger overall because of the programming and coaching I’ve received at Strive and Uplift.
  2. I host Brain Talents at Strive and Uplift a couple times a way. Brain Talents is an event to hear about thoughts, passions, ideas your fellow ultimate friends have off the field. Think TEDx style. If you’re interested in sharing a topic with a captive audience, feel free to reach out to me.