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Devin Gaan

I’m training for…My goal is big butt, no gut! But seriously, I come to get stronger and get into an overall better physical condition! What I do with Strive & Uplift is…Just gym access though there are courses I’m interested in. My favorite thing about training at Strive & Uplift […]

Cathy Wickwire

I’m training for… I thought I was just training to be a fit middle aged lady, but it turned out that I was training for the Seattle Half Marathon Run last November. I ran it with my niece, Ana (pictured with me), and finished it in 2:22:00, which was in […]

Lindsey Warren-Shriner

I’m training for… I’m training to be active: I love hiking, skiing, biking, and competing in the occasional triathlon. After dealing with some ongoing hip issues, I knew I needed to build a stronger foundation but hadn’t been able to do it consistently on my own. I joined the gym […]

Kayle Armstrong

I’m training for… Myself! I want to be as strong as I believe I am. What I do with Strive & Uplift is… I am part of the morning crew that regularly attends. The class size isn’t overwhelming for me and the people are great. I never feel guilty if […]

Ian Joslin

What are you training for? In general I am training to be a more well-rounded athlete, and to be as balanced as possible in my strength and ability.  I’ve always enjoyed team sports including soccer, which I still play regularly, as well as ultimate and basketball in the past. I love […]

Fiona Cahill

I’m training for… I’m training for a range of things like hiking and dancing but mostly to be able to run around on a field and chase a frisbee. I started class-training when I needed to rehab from a number of hip injuries a couple of years ago and it’s […]

Aiza Abelon

I’m training for… Climbing, ultimate, mountaineering, prehab, eating good food, and sleeping well. What I do with Strive & Uplift is… I pick things (and sometimes myself) up and put things down, sometimes I swing them around. Whatever Coach Bertle tells me to do because she knows what I want […]

Pat Holland

Pat is training for ultimate, participating in courses and using the gym on his own

Tim Everson

Tim is an Olympic lifter who uses gym access

Jennie Struijk

Jennie participates in just about every different program we offer!