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Bert Cherry


As a coach, I’m particularly invested in helping teams and individuals move their work in the gym and on the field from simply exercising to specific training that helps folks achieve their goals in life, sport, or whatever else they’re chasing! My background is in secondary science, health, and outdoor & physical education, as well as coaching all levels and ages of ultimate players and other athletes.

I love working with athletes of all ages and skill levels, leveraging my understanding of the different ways people learn and develop to help reach their goals. I’m especially interested in experimenting with advanced training methods to help folks reach their athletic potential, including Olympic Weightlifting, triphasic training methods, and integrated speed and agility technique work. 

You can work with me online or in person at my private gym in Columbia City.

You can find my writing on exercise science on Ultiworld‘s Tuesday Tips column and my thoughts on equity in ultimate in my column for Upwind Ultimate, BertBrain.

Dominique Lim

E-RYT 500, Yoga Tune Up® Certified Instructor, NASM CPT

Dominique is standing with her hands on her hips. She is wearing cat-eye shaped eye glasses and a wide smile on her face. She is sporting a white tank top with the rainbow Strive & Uplift flame logo. Dominique is a Filipino-American cisgender woman with dark brown shoulder-length hair.

I am passionate about helping people feel truly alive, physically and mentally, through movement. I love combining the benefits of yoga and strength training in my classes to create a well-rounded experience that challenges both body and mind.

My yoga journey began in the most unconventional of places — in my trailer room in the middle-of-nowhere, working as an engineer in the oilfields of Texas. I turned to yoga to find a sense of balance within myself. I started out with a $10 exercise mat and a 30-day yoga challenge via YouTube. I was hooked!

Fast forward to 2014, I packed my bags, moved to Seattle and dove head-on to pursue a path studying and teaching yoga. I now see myself as a ”yoga nerd’. I enjoy learning and sharing about the history, philosophy and science behind the practice.

I turned to strength training as a way to rehabilitate my back injury. Years of working with trainers and physical therapists instilled in me the importance of building muscular strength and function. This sparked my interest in working with people 1-on-1 and led to me completing my personal training certification.

I started going to Strive and Uplift as part of my rehab, and experienced the best coach-led classes and met the most amazing workout buddies! I am thrilled to be a part of the team and I look forward to offering more individualized coaching.

Image of Coach Becca smiling in front of a calm body of water in golden light.

Becca Arnold

Pilates Instructor, ACE Group Fitness

I love that I work in both the Pilates and strength training arenas, and I really love it when they collide. Coaching both movements styles to people has been a passion of mine for over a decade. Being able to help people learn how to use their bodies, improve functional movements, increase flexibility, and gain strength has been so rewarding that I don’t think I could ever stop!

I really enjoy working with people who understand that health and fitness is a practice. Always pursuing the next opportunity to grow, whether mentally, physically or emotionally. I’m passionate about helping those who don’t feel comfortable with movement and want to learn how to improve their bodies so they can live their best lives. 

I can geek out on all forms of movement, but Pilates has taught me so much about my own body that it is where my true passion lies. But strength training is not second place either. It’s amazing to see how you can engage your body and mind to improve mobility and gain strength when using the right movement patterns for your body. 

After feeling limited with my own movements and then discovering Pilates and Strength Training later in life, I know how it can feel when approaching something new, scary and physically challenging. I strive to provide individualized guidance to everyone I work with, showing the way to a better and stronger life. I’m so proud that I get to be a part of Strive & Uplift and this amazing community!

Image of Coach Allison posing with a loaded barbell on a squat rack with in front of a wall painted with the words "Strive & Uplift".

Allison Ormsby

CPT, CPC, ELI-MP, CHEK Exercise & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

I am a health and strength coach helping people feel strong and confident in their bodies so they can feel strong and confident in their lives. I love fixing postural imbalances as much as crafting a specialized strength program; either way, I dig on dialing-in movement patterns and working with each person’s biomechanical individuality to ensure success toward their goal.

Working with everyday athletes is what lights me up. I love empowering people to discover their strength, move without pain and realign their imbalances. Coaching someone to discover the joy available to them through movement is a thrill unparalleled to any other. 

Coming from an educational background in counseling, I blend my skills of life and holistic health coaching with being a certified personal trainer specializing in postural analysis and corrective exercise. My own love affair with strength and health came from competitive powerlifting and a variety of field sports.

Community, connection, health, truth, and fun are my highest values – I bring them with me wherever I go. This is also why I pinch myself extra hard every day I walk through the doors at Strive & Uplift, because it is aligned with my own purpose and passion to be doing what I love in this incredible community.

Image of Coach Liz posing in an open, industrial looking space, smiling at the camera.

Lizelle Din

NASM CPT, FRCms, Kettlebell Sport Coach

As a coach, I help athletes start where they are and build upon that foundation to strive—whether it is for lifting, racing, playing sports or just using their strength outside the gym (like being able to put luggage into the overhead compartment without asking for help!). Body awareness and mental tenacity are essential tools that I focus on as a coach every day. I geek out when it comes to finding the missing pieces in training to improve performance—from movement prep methods to sport specific conditioning to fine tuning technique—while helping individuals look at training as part of the bigger picture by finding ways to eat, sleep, de-stress and move better in order to thrive and improve performance.

My main focuses are kettlebells—both hardstyle and competition style, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and finding individualized routines that work with daily life to stay consistent, regardless of the challenges that arise towards a goal in mind.

Having found what it meant to be an athlete later in life, I can relate to being intimidated by the gym and even my own body without having known where to start. I was lucky to have found some amazing and influential womxn to help guide me to where I am today, now proud of my strength and at home in my own skin. I hope to pay that forward as a coach in support of taking the strength and confidence built in the gym out into the world with you wherever you may go.

Image of Coach Ren smiling and holding a kettlebell in the front rack position at her shoulder. The background includes two squat racks and the Strive & Uplift flame.

Ren Caldwell, Strength & Conditioning Coach

OWNER, CEO, CMO, NSCA CSCS, FMS, Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor

For almost a decade, I focused on providing high quality, sport-specific and innovative programming to the ultimate community. Extending my coaching into other field sports and working with people of all ages/ability levels has been an amazing shift– we’re creating an awesome movement community!

My work with individuals, coaches and teams focuses on helping improve movement patterns and safely load bodies for better performance and injury reduction. I’m especially dedicated to working with girls’ teams, as they’re traditionally underestimated and under-resourced, and helping people bridge the gap between rehab and returning to play/activity.

My biggest thrill is the feedback I get when someone tells me they’ve added an inch to their vertical, made it through their season without injury for the first time, or can now move through daily tasks without pain. Values-centered and results-oriented fitness and wellness is my passion!

Image of Coach Kira and her dog Bessie at Portland pride. Both are smiling and sport rainbow paint and clothing.

Kira Morin, Basi Pilates Instructor


As a core coach, I am focused on making sure athletes have a strong and stable foundation so they can train harder, safer and improve their performance. I have a background as a Pilates instructor, mental health specialist, and in Organizational Development. I like helping athletes be healthy and strong, and creating systems that help them be successful with their goals in life and sport from the physical to mental. 

I have been on a health and fitness journey my whole life (ask me about it sometime) and I have discovered some key truths along the way. I have found that physical health and mental health are fundamentally linked – connecting to movement and embracing one’s body creates confidence that transcends the gym, and surrounding oneself with the right people and places creates motivation to find movement. 

As a coach, I carry these truths with me and strive to create an uplifting environment where people feel mentally and physically safe to explore and connect to their bodies, find confidence, and develop a passion and habit for movement throughout life. 

My background is in Pilates. I love Pilates because of the emphasis that it places on the mind-body connection. As a Pilates coach, I help people find awareness and activation of their core musculature in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility throughout their body. As a result, we feel physically centered and in control, mentally focused and stimulated, and all the other movements we do in or out of the gym start to feel easier. 

I feel so lucky that I get to coach at Strive & Uplift, a place that values its people and all the things that make us all unique. I am inspired by everyone that comes into our community – they lift me up and motivate me to be a better person. I will always work hard so we can continue to build a strong community together!