Coming Soon – Physical Location in Ballard!

Guess What?!?!

After a lot of looking, some very intentional vision, and a good bit of luck, we’ve found an amazing space on Market Street!

We’re so excited about this chance to create another place for our movement community! It’s going to take a good bit of work to get it ready to go, but we’re SO ready to make this happen.

Please take a look through these FAQ’s – hopefully a lot of your initial questions are answered there. If you have more, don’t worry – we do too, and we’ll figure the rest out together!

If you’d like a super short video tour of the space as-is, check this out – all your coaches got together to make sure this was a space that would work (with alterations) for our community!

Why are we so pumped to have a space?

  • First of all, we want to have a place where we can intentionally create a vibe with you, our community! It hasn’t been safe to do that because of the pandemic, and this is really the earliest that we would want to try to exist in a space again. But we feel like it’s time and oh my goodness…we’ve missed it so much.
  • We also want to be able to partner with local businesses and expand our community and our reach! The visibility and accessibility of the location is a huge boon for us, even though it’s smaller in size.
  • And we want our coaches to have a place to do their thing and drop all their knowledge with their clients, as well as collaborate and uplift each other! 

Small businesses located near our new space!

We couldn’t be more jazzed about the incredible businesses we’ll be surrounded by in our new location on Market Street! So many Intentionalist icons (155, to be exact), and we (woman-and-LGBTQ-owned) will be one of them! Can’t wait to meet more of our new neighbors!! If you have the time and inclination, bop around to some of these great places this summer and get acquainted!