Community Input Survey

It’s been a long year, but Strive & Uplift is still here!! The way we connect with our community had to shift during the pandemic, but we found new avenues to provide our services that have increased our accessibility, and we’ve been able to expand our services and grow our team.

As we find ourselves poised on a vaccine timeline more accelerated than we could have dreamed, we’re walking a tightrope of expectation, hope, and questioning.

We recognize and honor that we’re all in different places in terms of our readiness to (and bandwidth for) engaging with new opportunities – we each have our own web of people that we’re committed to helping keep safe, and this year has been incredibly taxing in that regard!

Answering questions about future plans and comfort levels might feel difficult – know that you are supported, and we’re always here for further conversations! We’re looking ahead to the future with openness and excitement mixed with caution, and we need your input to help us move forward!

In the next few months Strive & Uplift coaches are going to be working hard to explore more options for connecting with you. We’re looking into…

  • Creating outdoor gatherings and classes
  • Doing more 1:1 and Small Group/Team coaching
  • Starting to vision potential physical locations

We’re hoping to get more awesome people into our Seattle offerings and our virtual programs/memberships in order to support this awesome growth later this year. The pandemic has taken a toll on our business and our community, and we’re ready to work with you to build back better!!

Some of you have been in virtual classes with us several times a week during the whole pandemic – others we may not have seen or interacted with in awhile. You are ALL part of our community, and we value every voice and thought you wish to share with us.

This survey asks questions about shifts to your schedule in the next few months, comfort level with outdoor classes and in-person offerings, and what/where a physical S&U location might be in the future. There are no right or wrong answers, and plenty of space for you to share your thoughts, dreams and considerations!

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey – the data you provide will be invaluable as we scope out the path ahead! This survey will close at the end of the day April 25th.