Ballard Location Closing

We are letting go of our Ballard gym space! And yet our community and commitment to coaching is stronger than ever – we’re incredibly excited about our services during the pandemic, and for future possibilities!

Image of the Seattle gym showing a kettlebell class in the foreground, and independent lifters in the background. The back wall says "Strive & Uplift" in large letters, and there are intersectional pride flags on either side of the Strive & Uplift flame in electric blue, orange, and yellow on another wall.

Our building has been shuttered since March due to COVID-19, and despite our best efforts, we were unable to work with the property managers to reopen in a way that met State occupancy requirements during the pandemic. We’re sad to be leaving the space, but we’re so proud of all the ways we’ve come together as a community in the last 6 months!! We’ve created a huge offering of online classes, found ways and spaces to do socially-distant and virtual personal training, and increased our connections to teams and athletes participating in our virtual memberships. The future (though unknown) is SO bright, and we’re going to continue coming together to create what we want to see in the world.

We’re fortunate to be laying the future in front of us, brick by brick, guided by our values. Please take a look at all our community options (both virtual and in-person) – they’re all on a sliding scale to meet individual needs! We hope to see you in one of offerings soon!