Kirsten Rogers

Image of Kirsten and her dog on a paddleboard in the water, both looking toward the camera. Kirsten is smiling and we can only assume the dog is, too!
Arya and I out for an adventure. It was her first time on the board and she loved it.

What are you training for? For my mental health. After two miscarriages about a year apart, I felt like my body wasn’t mine anymore. The mind/body connection of training gives me peace and power through my emotional and physical recovery. 

What do you do with Strive & Uplift? While I only became a member recently – for the online classes – I volunteered at a few puppy yoga sessions. I look forward to puppy yoga is the near-ish future. I love pilates and bodyweight sessions. 

What’s your favorite thing about training with Strive & Uplift? Bessie. Just joking. It’s the team members. They are kind, compassionate, and have built something unique and special.  I’ve never felt like I “fit in” with gym culture. At past facilities, I was self-conscious and insure. At Strive & Uplift, it’s nothing but genuine encouragement, affirmations, and celebration.   

What’s one thing you want to share with the gym community? Wear a mask and vote. For the people you love and the people you’ll meet one day. We’re in this together and we’ll strive and survive together.