Sue Sheldon

What are you training for?
I started training in order to overcome a LOOOONG history of arthritis by gaining and retaining enough muscle to support my joints.  Then in mid February my back did something awful to me.  The Rehab folks told me it was because my hip muscles aren’t strong, and when that happens you force your back to do their work.  And then disaster.  So now I’m working on regaining lost muscle, and developing mobility and strength in my hips and legs. This work represents my self-care for the rest of my life!  Gotta maintain!

What do you do with Strive & Uplift?
Actually, S&U rescued Jon’s TRX classes when we lost our home, so I started just being a rescue, doing TRX.  But I was watching the coaches here.  When Covid struck, I started participating in Virtual Pilates and Virtual Core Mobility, just to give them a try.  I’d never done them before, but quarantine gives you the opportunity to try all kinds of new things.  These classes were so helpful in achieving what I need.  I appreciate that the coaches are paying attention to what you are doing (or not doing) which is not always the case in other places I’ve worked out.

What’s your favorite thing about training with Strive & Uplift?
Favorite:  coaching
Second Favorite:  community

What’s one thing you want to share with the gym community?
I think people don’t realize that you are never too old to change directions, or try something different and discard it. It’s not a big deal.  I’m still looking longingly at Bungee aerobics classes, but…