Sarra Scherb

What are you training for?
To challenge myself and see what’s possible! I’ve never played sports or considered myself athletic or fit. Through S&U I’ve discovered that I enjoy competing with myself and seeing how much stronger and more able I can become. It’s also allowed me to rock climb, hike, backpack, and even carry around artwork (my day job) with more confidence and power.

What do you do with Strive & Uplift?
Weightlifting and Pilates are my jam. I have never done any of these activities elsewhere, but color me obsessed.

What’s your favorite thing about training with Strive & Uplift?
I’ve never taken gym classes before training with S&U, so it’s a total eye-opener to suddenly want to work hard and become a bad-ass. Fitness has always been synonymous with competition, punishment and aggressiveness in my mind, and what a revelation that it can be approached from a different angle. Every coach at S&U presents these activities with a playful, friendly, joyful, and caring demeanor, and that is a wonderful spirit in which to try new things.

What’s one thing you want to share with the gym community?
In 2019 I challenged myself to do 5,000 push-ups. In 2020 I’ve doubled the goal to 10,000. This week, I decided to push it to 15,000–because why the heck not?