Virtual Options through COVID-19 Closure

We’re working hard to take care of our community during these difficult times! Virtual programming and education has always been one of the ways we interact with our folx, and we’re excited to be expanding those kinds of opportunities for our Seattle Squad as well as those new to us who want to engage in a meaningful way! We are all stronger together. Check out what we’ve got going on!

Member Resources

All our Seattle members, whether you use punch cards, have a monthly membership, or participate in personal training, will get exclusive member communications and resources throughout the closure of the physical gym. These include:

  • Bodyweight and low-equipment workout plans
  • Weekly clinics with accompanying virtual coach Q&A sessions
  • Select virtual class videos to follow along with
  • Connection to each other through our Strive & Uplift Community Slack


We’re offering virtual classes using Zoom! Use your class punch card or monthly membership, or drop in to a class. See more about our virtual class offerings here. Your first time at our gym – including virtually – is free, so check it out if you’re new to us!

Virtual Programs & Memberships

We’ve always offered virtual programs and memberships for a wide variety of folx. These include a wealth of resources, including extensive workout programming that doesn’t use specialized equipment, mental health clinics, nutrition support, and more! See what we have to offer on the Strive & Uplift main site here.

Personal Training & Consults

We still offer (and honor) personal training packages, except now we meet virtually! Our coaches will meet with you via video chat and adapt workout programming to your needs and current access to space and resources. Email us for more information!

Sliding Scale Program

At Strive & Uplift, we are committed to making sure that all people, regardless of their means, can be a part of our community!  This means removing barriers, like cost, so everyone can easily and sustainably access our services and resources.

We’ve created a sliding scale program to offer Unlimited Memberships at rates that work for each individual. If your income or situation doesn’t mesh well with our full-price membership, please check out the sliding scale information here so that we can adjust the monthly recurring cost of a membership. Everyone deserves access to high-quality movement education and support!

Stay Connected With Us!

We post tons of great content to our Instagram through the week; give us a follow if you’re on the platform!

We also stay in touch with our members through our Strive & Uplift Community Slack – ask us how to get in if you’re a member and want to join in the conversation!