COVID-19 Facility Update

Strive & Uplift Seattle will be closed for 2 weeks to help slow the spread of COVID-19!

We’re reading the writing on the ever-evolving wall and have come to the conclusion that by staying open, we’re making it harder for people to practice social distancing and risking the health of vulnerable folx. This is a time when our awesome and vibrant gym needs to take care of the larger community, and that means helping slow the progress of this incredibly contagious virus. Thanks to our coaches and members, Strive & Uplift is a place to connect, learn, grow, and strengthen ourselves while supporting others. This moment in our human history is so destabilizing and stressful that these kinds of interactions become even more precious and valued.

And that’s what has made this decision to close so difficult. 
The bottom line is that any place where people are gathering right now is facilitating the spread of the virus. Our hope is that two weeks will be long enough for the virus to calm down a little in Seattle and for us to do a hella deep clean, and that we’ll be able to re-open in a way that doesn’t conflict with our values of creating and maintaining a safe and supportive space. Coaches will continue to be paid during this time, and will keep working during the closure to create even more online content to support our community!

We already have some amazing virtual resources available – check out our main website for all of your options!