Image of Susan hiking through the Pacific Northwest above the trees and the clouds. Susan has on a backpack and is looking at the camera and smiling.

Susan Goldman

What I’m training for… I wandered in one day looking for a group to workout with and found a community.  In general, I’m training to remain safely engaged in the activities I love to do and to find more strength and confidence. Gardening (tree trimming, weed whacking, weeding, planting, building garden beds), my job as a school nurse, fulfilling my dreams of hiking more challenging, remote areas, traveling and dancing Hula all motivate me in my training. Each movement in each class is an opportunity to hone my focus and my mental, physical and emotional strength.

What I do with Strive & Uplift is… So far I’ve focused on attending all the classes I can.  There have been huge benefits to attending the classes versus solely working out at home.  All the coaches do an amazing job of monitoring each person for form. The benefits from each class have been maximized by the feedback and the modifications that allow us to get the benefit of the movement while reducing risk of injury.  The personal attention to each of us creates a welcome and nurturing environment that I love to enter every day that I can. Each coach seems truly happy to see me and I feel cared for as an individual. This is a big draw for someone as shy as me. The consistency and purposeful intention of the workouts across the classes is helpful.  I feel comfortable being myself and doing what I need to do to accomplish my goals. I’ve never felt intimidated by the gym itself or the people even though I had never touched a barbell previously. 

My favorite thing about training with Strive & Uplift is… Here are a just few of my favorite things about Strive and Uplift.  The coaches: positive, knowledgable, kind, engaged! The wide range of equipment from Pilates to weight lifting to kettlebells and much more-even rings and a rope to dangle from.   The variety of classes and times. The COMMUNITY!

What’s one thing you want to share with the gym community? Never Thank you to everyone I’ve met and worked with since I showed up here about 6 weeks ago.  You have all become an important participant in the dance of my life. I see more clearly every day how I can only do my dance and we can all do our own dance and grow within communities of supportive loving people like I found here.