Image of Ian standing on a rock formation in front of a very impressive-looking mountain in the Cascades.

Ian Joslin

What are you training for? In general I am training to be a more well-rounded athlete, and to be as balanced as possible in my strength and ability.  I’ve always enjoyed team sports including soccer, which I still play regularly, as well as ultimate and basketball in the past. I love being outside too, so staying fit lets me enjoy things like hiking and climbing. When I started lifting about six years ago I never imagined I’d grow to enjoy it so much, but I love it even still. Weightlifting has taught me a lot about myself and my limits, and I always feel better both physically and mentally when I am regularly at the gym.

What do you do with Strive & Uplift?At first I was coming to lift on my own, aiming to get stronger all the time. I have a good base to be able to try new things and continue to improve without becoming too stagnant in my training. Since taking the Powerlifting class (twice) I have a new found direction and focus for my workouts that really excites me. I look forward to getting better at the “big three” lifts, and am considering trying to compete just for fun. 

What’s your favorite thing about training with Strive & Uplift? I obviously love the community of people and doggies here because Strive & Uplift is so welcoming to every type of athlete and ability level. All gyms should be more like this! That being said, I have to say my favorite thing is the coaches. Each one has a unique perspective and useful knowledge to share, and are always happy to provide guidance at any time. I feel comfortable asking questions and learning from their experiences, which makes my training that much more effective and rewarding.

What’s one thing you want to share with the gym community?Always feel free to ask me for a spot, form check, or to see pictures of my dog and cat. I probably enjoy talking about my animals WAY too much. Also, go vegan 😉