Image of Coach Liz posing in an open, industrial looking space, smiling at the camera.

Lizelle Din

NASM CPT, FRCms, Kettlebell Sport Coach

As a coach, I help athletes start where they are and build upon that foundation to strive—whether it is for lifting, racing, playing sports or just using their strength outside the gym (like being able to put luggage into the overhead compartment without asking for help!). Body awareness and mental tenacity are essential tools that I focus on as a coach every day. I geek out when it comes to finding the missing pieces in training to improve performance—from movement prep methods to sport specific conditioning to fine tuning technique—while helping individuals look at training as part of the bigger picture by finding ways to eat, sleep, de-stress and move better in order to thrive and improve performance.

My main focuses are kettlebells—both hardstyle and competition style, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and finding individualized routines that work with daily life to stay consistent, regardless of the challenges that arise towards a goal in mind.

Having found what it meant to be an athlete later in life, I can relate to being intimidated by the gym and even my own body without having known where to start. I was lucky to have found some amazing and influential womxn to help guide me to where I am today, now proud of my strength and at home in my own skin. I hope to pay that forward as a coach in support of taking the strength and confidence built in the gym out into the world with you wherever you may go.