Image of Coach Allison posing with a loaded barbell on a squat rack with in front of a wall painted with the words "Strive & Uplift".

Allison Ormsby

CPT, CPC, ELI-MP, CHEK Exercise & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

I am a health and strength coach helping people feel strong and confident in their bodies so they can feel strong and confident in their lives. I love fixing postural imbalances as much as crafting a specialized strength program; either way, I dig on dialing-in movement patterns and working with each person’s biomechanical individuality to ensure success toward their goal.

Working with everyday athletes is what lights me up. I love empowering people to discover their strength, move without pain and realign their imbalances. Coaching someone to discover the joy available to them through movement is a thrill unparalleled to any other. 

Coming from an educational background in counseling, I blend my skills of life and holistic health coaching with being a certified personal trainer specializing in postural analysis and corrective exercise. My own love affair with strength and health came from competitive powerlifting and a variety of field sports.

Community, connection, health, truth, and fun are my highest values – I bring them with me wherever I go. This is also why I pinch myself extra hard every day I walk through the doors at Strive & Uplift, because it is aligned with my own purpose and passion to be doing what I love in this incredible community.