Image of Pat at a frisbee tournament looking excited and wearing a rainbow bandana on his neck and sunglasses.

Pat Holland

I’m training for… 
Ultimate! I use the strength and conditioning I get from RenFitness to become the best player I can be.

What I do with RenFitness is…I take courses in addition to gym access. I love the courses because I’ve always had difficulty keeping up my strength training when I’m designing my own workouts. I felt like I never knew what to do or how to do it, but with programming from knowledgeable coaches, I don’t have that problem. I use the gym access to do the “homework” workouts and some additional rehabbing/PT when I need to.

My favorite thing about training at RenFitness is…I like how knowledgeable the coaches are. Even if you’re not in a course at the moment, they’re always around to help in a very friendly way. You can’t beat the community, and it’s a great space to host an event or fundraiser.

I’d like to share with everyone that…I have won a professional football championship (ask me about it sometime)