Selfie of Alyssa and a workout buddy giving fierce smiles and flexing at the camera.

Alyssa Kelly

I’m training for… My motivation to train is a combination of for ultimate and because feeling strong and capable in daily life is incredible. I love that the things I am doing at the gym are working both toward short-term goals (like this season’s athletic performance or recovering from an injury) and my long-term quality of life. There is a ton of reinforcement in society that girls and women should depend on male figures for various tasks, and it is the best feeling to know that my friends and I have the physical and mental strength to accomplish what we need without assigning gender to the pre-requisites.

What I do with RenFitness is… I use the gym access pass, sincerely because the classes and courses I’ve taken here have given me the education and foundation to do my own workouts! Women’s lifting night was a catalyst in helping me feel comfortable to focus on form rather than feeling like I had to prove something. After that, I tried a ton of different classes and courses. The most impactful for me was Core Strength & Stability. It made me realize that despite being extremely athletic, I had a lot to learn about my body and to re-train from decades of miseducation.

I also participate in the educational clinics (mental training, prehab, concussions) usually as a participant, but as a speaker too! The instructors have been excellent at providing really tangible methods of utilizing the information they are presenting.

My favorite thing about training at RenFitness is… That I feel invested in as an individual. The amount that Bert, Kira, and Ren invest in every single member’s improvement is unequivocal. They display it by checking in, cheering on, offering tips, and individual attention in the classes/courses. Even when I was coming in to stationary bike while concussed, I felt like they were in it with me throughout recovery. Feeling worth that extra high-five, form correction,  or personalized explanation of how something will be helpful is seriously what makes me so excited to come in to this gym.

I’d like to share with everyone …  Donate to AGE UP!