Image of Alex holding a kettlebell overhead and smiling at the camera in the Seattle gym while other members work out in the background.

Alex Pecoraro

I’m training for…I like to work out primarily to maintain my athletic ability so that I can continue to participate in my favorite sports, which include Ultimate, skiing, golfing, football, basketball, child wrangling, which involves running after my four year old as he races away on his scooter, and gymnastics or at least trying to keep up with my daughter’s gymnastics skills. I also work out for stress relief and to counteract the negative effects of spending most of my day typing stuff into a computer.

What I do with RenFitness is… attend classes and work out on my own.

My favorite thing about training at RenFitness is… I like all the unique, interesting, and extremely effective movements Ren, Bert, and Kira come up with. I also like having the turf, I don’t know of any other local gym that has a mini playing field devoted to half the gym. There’s so many cool drills you can do on it! I really like pushing the sled and doing quickness drills with the quickness ladder. So in short I’d say my favorite thing about RenFitness is how unique it is.

I’d like to share with everyone that… I feel so grateful to have found a gym that fits me and my goals so well and will help me to continue doing the things I love, like playing Ultimate! Fun fact: I used to have some amazing blond locks that flowed liked fountains of gold… Ok perhaps that’s a bit of exaggeration, but I did used to have a full head of blond hair. Oh the good old days 🙂