Image of Sabreen wedged in a doorframe upside down and grinning widely.

Sabreen Lakhani

I’m training to… be more badass and more strong. I initially started training because I wanted to lose weight. That mindset has drastically changed. I’m now trying to gain weight and take up more space and just in general be more strong. The current numbers I’m chasing: 315lb deadlift, 225lb squat, 145lb bench press. One day I’d like to compete in a powerlifting competition, but I first want to get the goal numbers. Oh, the non-serious goal: get the biceps to cosplay as Gaston next year.

What I do with RenFitness is… gym access. I love bumper plates. My previous gym did not have bumper plates so I couldn’t lift from the floor. Being able to drop weights and not feel bad about it is lovely.

My favorite thing about training with RenFitness is… the people are real great and it’s real friendly. And I have always been able to get a rack when I want one.

I’d like to share with everyone that… I have 2 cats, Batman and Ra’s Al Floof. My favorite thing about lifting that has bleeded into my everyday life is that you learn a lot when you fail and it is okay to fail. You take the plates off, strengthen the weak point, and then try again another day.