Image of Carl snuggling and kissing a small brown puppy while looking sideways at the camera.

Carl Richmond

I’m training for…club season Ultimate. This is my first time having access to a more competitive scene! I want to challenge myself to be the best player I can, and see what I can do!

What I do with RenFitness is…I have a gym access membership and I participate in Goaltimate league as well. While at the gym, I lift according to an offseason training program. The accessibility of the weights and other tools I need is better at RenFitness. Normally, I feel like an outsider in the weight rooms I have used, but at RenFitness I feel welcomed by those around me (patrons and staff)!

My favorite thing about training at RenFitness is…I appreciate that the gym has community events within the Ultimate scene, and that there is a culture embedded into the space.

I love having access to the turf, even beyond Goaltimate! If my routine involves sprints, or even if I just want to throw with another member, it is wonderful having access to the space! Sometime I just use it to roll around with the local pups!

I’d like to share with everyone that…I scrub toilets left handed to improve my lefty throws!