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Upcoming Special Events

Powerlifting Clinic Series | $15 each / FREE for members
Squat | Tues Feb 5, 7p
Bench Press | Tues Feb 12, 7p
Deadlift | Tues Feb 19, 7p

Learn about Powerlifting, the original “picking up heavy things” sport, which revolves around squats, bench press, and deadlifts in our three-part clinic series. Attend them all or just the ones that interest you. These clinics can serve as a great starting point for the Powerlifting Course starting on Feb 26th.

  • Squat (Feb 5): This clinic will explore optimal warm-ups to prepare the body for squatting, mobility concerns common to performing a successful squat, as well as proper form for barbell variations – high bar back squat, low bar back squat, and front squat.
  • Bench Press (Feb 12): Bench Press is a full-body, compound movement – contrary to what most people refer to as a “chest exercise.” This clinic will focus on set-up and execution of a successful bench press.
  • Deadlift (Feb 19): No single lift requires more neural activation or muscle recruitment than the deadlift. Attend this clinic for coaching around conventional and sumo stance variations, as well as receive information regarding grip types (double overhand, mixed grip, and hook grip). We will also discuss common mobility concerns.
Youth Coaching Clinic | Sun March 3rd 9a-1p | $50 (scholarships available)

DiscNW and Strive & Uplift are partnering to bring you some functional performance training information that will help your team reach the next level! Both organizations are providing scholarships for any that need help covering the cost of attending – we want all coaches/team leaders to have access to knowledge that can help them feel more comfortable, effective and empowered in their leadership roles!

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