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There are so many different, great ways to work out with RenFitness! Our doors and our hearts are open to you, whether you want to work out on your own or take classes. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, come in and talk to us or email and we’ll help you find the right fit!

All our monthly memberships, whether they’re for gym access, classes, or both share the same features. For more details, check out our terms and conditions.

  • No set-up fees and no contract (you can cancel anytime)
  • Renew automatically every month from the date you sign up (ex. if you sign up on the 6th your first month, your membership renews on the 6th of each following month)
  • Free access to clinics (first Wednesday 7-8p and third Thursday 8-9p of each month)

If you are interested in an annual membership, you can get the Unlimited Gym Access Membership or the Unlimited Class & Gym Access Membership for a whole year for 10% off the monthly price across 12 months. Annual memberships do not auto-renew, and no full or partial refunds are available during the year of membership. 

Your first time in the gym is FREE, so come join us!

Gym Access

Access to strength training equipment to use on your own during business hours. For other events, such as classes, courses, clinics, or organized leagues, check our pricing for those particular services.

One Gym Access Drop In

$15 each + tax

The One-Time Drop In includes…
one gym access session for use of strength training & cardio equipment.

Four Gym Access Membership

$45 per month recurring + tax

The Four Gym Access Membership includes:

  • 4 gym access sessions per month
  • 25% off additional gym access sessions ($11.25 + tax ea.)
  • Free access to clinics

Unlimited Gym Access Membership

$80 per month recurring + tax

The Unlimited Gym Access Membership includes…

  • Unlimited gym access sessions!
  • Free access to clinics
  • 25% off course enrollments

Classes & Combination Memberships

Strive & Uplift classes are group training sessions based on getting stronger, more injury-resistant, and upping sport performance for athletes. The atmosphere is both fun and focused, and there is a lot of talk about how the movements we do help accomplish your goals.

We invite you to come in early or stay late (as much as 30 minutes total surrounding your class) to utilize our equipment to take care of extra soft tissue work, warm-up, cool down, beyond what we already do in class!

Check our schedule for current class offerings, and see class descriptions here. Please note that we also have courses – classes allow you to pick and choose based on your schedule each week, while courses require a separate commitment and have their own pricing structure. If you’re unsure what is the best fit for you, contact us! Classes change seasonally according to the community’s needs, so let us know if there’s something you’d like to see!

One Class Drop In

$20 each + tax

The One Class Drop In includes…
one class session. Perfect for someone who wants to try out a class or is in town for a short time but wants to work out with us!

Four Class Membership

$60 per month recurring + tax

The Four Class Membership includes:

  • 4 class sessions per month – sign up for a consistent class time, or mix and match according to your schedule and desires!
  • Sessions can be used for gym access!
  • 25% off additional class sessions ($15 + tax ea.)
  • Free access to clinics

Unlimited Class & Gym Access Membership

$115 per month recurring + tax

The Unlimited Class Membership includes:

  • Unlimited class sessions – sign up for consistent class times, or mix and match according to your schedule and desires!
  • Unlimited gym access – come in and work out on your own, too!
  • Free access to clinics
  • 40% off course enrollments

Youth Memberships

This gym is intended for the whole community to use to get stronger and come together for fun, athletic activities. That includes youth! 

  • Youth 16 and up are welcome to work out on their own using special youth gym access rates and enroll in special youth courses or attend adult courses or classes at regular rates.
  • Folks younger than 16 can participate in our age-specific youth offerings. When attending the gym outside of those courses and camps, they should be directly supervised by a parent or guardian, and doing age-appropriate workouts.

Before you come into the gym, make sure that you’ve created an account through Pike13 AND you and your parents have signed our waiver!  For a guide for parents on how to create an account for younger kids, click here. Information on specific youth pricing for gym access is below, including links to make accounts and purchase passes. Choose the one that best fits your needs!

Youth membership features include:

  • Automatically renews monthly after your sign-up date (ex. if you sign up on the 6th, it will renew on the 6th of the following month)
  • Discounts on tournaments on the gym turf, seminars, workshops
  • FREE access to biweekly clinics
  • FREE access to community events like movie nights, game viewing, etc.

Youth One-Time Drop-In

$10 each + tax

The Youth One-Time Drop In includes…
on Gym Access session for lifting and pickup on the turf. 

Youth Four Gym Access Membership

$30/mo recurring + tax

The Youth Four Gym Access Membership includes:

  • 4 Gym Access sessions per month
  • 25% off additional sessions ($7.50 + tax ea.)

Youth Unlimited Gym Access Membership

$60/mo recurring + tax

The Youth Unlimited Gym Access Membership includes:

  • Unlimited Gym Access sessions!
  • $8 off up to two class enrollments